Have Joy Connect

Trials can be isolating.  Join Have Joy Connect to chat with other women who are going through similar trials, search groups for threads relevant to you, ask questions and be reminded that you are not alone.  To protect privacy, real names may be used but are not required.

Some quick tips to get you started:

  • You must enter a valid email to join.  This is private.  No one in the forum has access to it.
  • Everything you need is at the top right corner once you login.  Hover over your username and a menu will appear.  This is where you can edit your profile, create and join groups, and see messages and notifications.
  • You may want to go to settings>email (from hovering over your username at the top right) and edit your email preferences.  You can decide how often the system emails you notifications (i.e.: when you are sent a friend request, when you are mentioned in a comment, when groups are updated, etc).
  • In addition to hovering over your username in the top right corner, you can also see group activity, who is currently online, notices from Nikki, and other important information on the sidebar of the Have Joy Connect page.
  • Remember that Have Joy Connect is a place to help and uplift each other.  Please be openminded and kind.  I know you will! *Muah!*